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Discover today's most effective, scientifically tested vitamin remedies—plus safe, MD-approved dosages.

When it comes to vitamins, the most common question of all is, "Is my single multivitamin tablet enough?"

The new research says yes, if you merely want to prevent deficiency disorders like scurvy and rickets. But emphatically NO if you want to gain full protection against an array of killer diseases ... and the remarkable ability to cure scores of specific conditions without drugs or surgery.

Recent medical studies have uncovered a host of natural "wonder nutrients" that can right now help you:

Slash your risk of cancer by up to 80%.

Lower your cholesterol to 130 — and reduce your risk of heart attack.

Dissolve arthritis pain from within your joints, the real source of your pain.

Dramatically sharpen your memory and brainpower — and protect yourself from Alzheimer's.

Reduce your high blood pressure naturally, without drugs and their side effects.

Avoid cataracts and give your eyes a new lease on life — even fend off macular degeneration.

Jump-start your energy level.


And that's just for starters! So impressive are these breakthroughs that even the American Medical Association — which once scoffed at vitamins — has now positively proclaimed that "the era of nutrient supplements to promote health and reduce illness is here to stay."

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This giant 608-page reference is the most complete and authoritative collection of vitamin remedies ever published. With it you can look up any ailment and quickly find today's most effective, scientifically tested vitamins — plus the safe, MD-approved dosages — for alleviating and even reversing whatever condition you may have.

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